Westwood Civic Appoints New Coalition Reps, Removes Jenkins

The current president of Westwood Civic Association, Jim McNulty, has appointed Mary Kuhl and Becky Weber as WCA representatives to the Westwood Coalition. He also removed Mary Jenkins as a WCA representative to the Coalition, saying, “I don’t think the coalition process has been working to the benefit of Westwood. I believe in following our plan, which calls for A) Decreasing housing density, and B) That WCA is to be the entity that represents our neighborhood in all business with the city…”

WCA has asked the Westwood Coalition to present the current six design options for a Westwood Square (the designs that evolved through a recent feasibility study) to attendees at WCA’s mid-August meeting. While these are the same designs reviewed at June meetings of the Coalition and Westwood Works, this will provide another opportunity for public input to the Coalition and to guide WCA on its deliberations on the Square in anticipation of a Coalition recommendation.


4 thoughts on “Westwood Civic Appoints New Coalition Reps, Removes Jenkins

  1. Thank you to Westwood residents for commenting on this and other posts. At a steering meeting of the Coalition, members approved ground rules for the Coalition team which include three main themes: (1) respect each other, (2) participate fully,and (3) support team process and decisions. Because we’ve recommitted to mutual respect, we want to demonstrate that by modeling and requesting respectful behavior. For that reason, we have chosen to delete comments that name and disparage named individuals. We apologize if this offends some of our readers but we think it’s the right thing to do. We do not, however, mean to silence voices in opposition to perspectives or proposals, whether the Coalition’s or others. If we’ve removed your comment but you would like to repost the sentiment without commenting negatively on particular individuals, please post another comment. The Coalition has repeatedly called for mutual respect at its meetings; Coalition members see this as a means to demonstrate that intent. Thank you.

  2. Who decided that WCA was the voice of Westwood anyway? Why are they the “officially recognized” body?

  3. Jim McNulty is wrong. He states “That WCA is to be the entity that represents our neighborhood in all business with the city…”
    The community has chosen the coalition, and your track record with the city leaves much to be desired.
    Jim, I challenge you to become a part of the progress, not the further stagnation of Westwood.

  4. Good god here we go back ass wards. Way to give em what they want guys. This is the way to loose every bit of momentum we have gained.

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