Concept D for Town Hall Park and Gaines Triangle

Thanks to input received from area residents, MKSK, the landscape architect at work on plans for this project, has developed Concept D. The Westwood Coalition continues to invite your comments as refinements are made. Here are some questions in which we particularly are interested:

  • Which design elements are the most favorable to you?
  • Do you like the notion of imaginative, creative playscapes?
  • With this redesign, what can you imagine happening at the Town Hall Park in terms of programming?
  • Would you like to see a water feature? What type? For what purpose?
  • Do permanently placed urban games appeal to you and, if so, where do they make the most sense?
  • What factors would help to distinguish the link between Gaines Triangle and Town Hall Park?
  • Is the dog park desirable and well-situated?
  • Are the specially marked pedestrian crosswalks at Harrison, Epworth, and Urwiler a good idea? Do you have comments on paving material?
  • When you imagine public art as part of the design, what do you imagine or hope for?
  • And, of course, we’re eager to hear your other general and specific comments.

We welcome your comments about Concept D through any representative to the Coalition or to MKSK or to the Coalition’s general email address over the next few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Concept D for Town Hall Park and Gaines Triangle

  1. I agree with Chris.

  2. Please NO dog park! One is close proximity already. This is a small area so let’s keep it for humans

  3. Love the plan. Really like the idea of having a dog park there. It’s a bit disappointing the area would lose the concrete circle design currently on the grounds, but this seems to better use the space. I would like to see the space used much like Washington Park is, with events, sales, classes, etc on the weekends. Marked pedestrian crossing are a good idea. A water feature would be nice, such as a fountain, where one could sit and relax, but not a huge issue if there isn’t one. Overall, I like this plan and would love to see it happen.

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