Concept E: Park & Triangle Plans

Thanks to the many Westwood residents who have offered comments on the conceptual drawings for Westwood Town Hall Park and Gaines Triangle. This has been very helpful to the Cincinnati Parks and the design team at MKSK. Westwood residents serving on the Coalition and its member organizations as well as the local residents on the Parks steering committee for the project have been reading all the input and welcome more. Let the Westwood Coalition know what you think of the latest plan, Concept E, pictured here.  There is great enthusiasm for the overall plan for the park grounds and the Gaines Triangle at Harrison, Epworth, and Urwiler. Respondents appreciate the cohesion that is emerging for the business district, the improved pedestrian and vehicular safety, the event space, playscapes, and landscaping. People like the opportunities for public art, for attending to the historic nature of the property, and the linkages between spaces. Take a good look and tell us what works especially well and where you think adjustments might be needed. The planning process is nearing completion, with another meeting with Parks and the Coalition on Thursday, August 4 and a presentation to the Park Board soon thereafter.

Perspective, Westwood Town Hall Park, Concept E

Perspective, Westwood Town Hall Park, Concept E


4 thoughts on “Concept E: Park & Triangle Plans

  1. The monstrosity that was put up in the old Habig’s lot is an eye sore. It is horrible to look at from the back side and in my opinion, even worse from the Harrison Avenue side. I’m sure that structure has done nothing but lower my property value!

  2. I like the idea of giving this a more ‘park-like’ feel that invites people in to use the space. I think the plan attempts to do that. I don’t believe this is a good place for a dog park, but I would like to see nice fencing and space dedicated to a larger, creative play space for children where they can safely romp in a semi-shaded, imaginative space. I agree with the other commentors that the parking could be repositioned. a drop off area is needed but should not double as event space. I think it would be a better use of space and aesthetics to have the event space near the point of the triangle (where the alien landing pad is now) to be faced by the ampitheater seating and make a more defined connection to the other side of the bowtie/plaze across Harrison.
    The moveable seating on the east side of Town Hall is not a good idea-it needs to be permanent/immovable seating or else it will disappear as many porch chairs have unfortunatley. That’s not to say it can’t be nice, attractive seating. A water feature would be excellend, but I understand maintenance may be a prohibitive issue. Would it be possible to have pull-in parking spots along one side, e.g. on Harrison where it could replace the paralell street parking on that side and provide more parking for town hall and the business district?

  3. I agree with Mr. McNulty on less surface parking on the grounds. I do like the idea of having a drop-off loop. I drop kids off there several times a week and the current parking/drop-off system is a nightmare. However, I do not like the idea of the loop doubling as event space. Heavily used driving surfaces do not stay aesthetically pleasing for long. And it looks like the seating is arranged for car watching.

    Overall, any of the concepts I’ve looked at would be an improvement over current conditions. But, the one thing that my wife and I always talk about being a great addition would be a grand fountain at one of the points of the triangle. Personally, I’d make make this top priority.

  4. I really like The amphitheater idea. Perfect location on that slope. I cannot understand the reason to run a traffic loop through it, though. The parking on the grounds should be minimized, only handicapped and official vehicles. Most of the parking should be on the street. Make all the roads around town hall one way, free up lanes that could be used for parking and bikes. It would be like a large roundabout, and really define WTH as a destination.

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