The Westwood Coalition is comprised of representatives from a number of Westwood organizations, businesses, and residents.  Feel free to contact us by leaving comments on posts or by emailing  The coalition facilitator is Henry Frondorf.  Current representatives to the Coalition are:

  • Westwood Historical Society:  Fred Berger
  • Westwood Civic Association:  Henry Frondorf, Shawntee’ Stallworth Schramm
  • Westwood Works:  Joe Corso
  • WestCURC:  Larry Eiser, John Eby
  • Businesses:  Tom Bonhaus (Bonhaus Automotive), Joe Henke (Henke Winery), Herschel Benkert (Western Hills Honda Yamaha), and Bob Willis (Madcap Puppets)

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Is there a link for this site on FB?

    • Jacob, Thanks! The Coalition is waiting for responses to the report and recommendations from the community and from the several represented organizations. We plan to meet Oct 22 to discuss responses and determine next steps. We don’t have a community meeting planned for October but we definitely will report back to Westwood on next steps once we confirm them and engage with residents about those next steps. We’ll add you to the list so you get notification by email of the next community meeting. And please comment here or email with any comments about the report and recommendations.

  2. Great job on the report and recommendations. I think that as a group, you have effectively captured the will of the community to accept Form Based Codes and to keep working as a coalition, on the improvement of the historic business district. Well done.

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