Another Endorsement Received

Westwood Historical Society has notified the Westwood Coalition of its endorsement of the recommendations of the Coalition.  This support means that all four organizations represented by the Coalition have given the nod to the recommendation to apply the form-based code to the historic business district and to continue to develop plans for the revitalization of the same area.  The Coalition meets this week and will notify city officials and Westwood residents of its next steps and community meetings.  Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Report and Recommendations

At its September 24, 2013 meeting, the Westwood Coalition reached consensus on a report and recommendations.  Please read it!  The report offers an introduction and background, a summary of the process used and findings from the several community meetings, and a set of recommendations.

Westwood Coalition Report and Recommendations, September 2013

We welcome your comments here or via email at  The Westwood Coalition includes members of the business community and members who represent four Westwood organizations.  The organizational representatives will present the report and recommendations to their boards, requesting a response within thirty days.  In October, the Coalition will meet to review the responses of the organizations and make a recommendation to the City.

Keep the dialogue going!



Presentation from the July 27 Community Meeting

On July 27, 2013, a community meeting attracted over 150 Westwood residents for a presentation and discussion about Westwood’s historic business district.  The presentation, by Cameron Ross, senior planner, City of Cincinnati’s Planning Department, gave an overview of Cincinnati’s form-based code and its design and economic principles, a look at the community-driven design process thus far, and considerations for the business district.  You are welcome to view the presentation here and post your comments and questions.  We’ll post a summary separately of the data collected at that meeting and from surveys we posted online and at the library.

What Would the Form-Based Code Mean for Westwood?

Come to the August 22, 2013 Westwood Coalition meeting as we continue  to explore opportunities for the revitalization of Westwood’s historic business district.  This community meeting will start at 7 p.m. at Westwood First Presbyterian Church.  We will focus exclusively on Cincinnati’s form-based code, following a very brief report of the survey findings from the July 27 meeting.  We’ll have a presentation on the FBC followed by some group work and Q&A.  We’ll ask, most fundamentally, what are the differences between traditional zoning code and the form-based code and, specifically, what it would mean in this particular business district. Thanks in advance for making time for more community deliberation around the future of the business district.

A Focus on the Form-Based Code, Aug 22

As promised, the next Coalition community meeting will be focused on Cincinnati’s form-based code and its potential application in Westwood’s historic business district.  We’ll talk details and use examples.  Your experience will be improved by dipping your toes into the code and related materials beforehand but it’s not required.  We will also report briefly on the findings from the surveys that area residents submitted at the July 27 meeting (and online and at the library).

Westwood and the Form-Based Code
August 22, 2013
7:00-9:00 pm
Westwood First Presbyterian Church, 3011 Harrison Avenue

See our reading list and FAQ tabs for more information.  And even if you can’t come to the meeting, you are welcome to comment here.  Please encourage your Westwood friends and neighbors to attend.

Library Display: What is the Potential for the Westwood Business District?

display panelDon’t worry if you missed the meeting on July 27.  We have the official display at the Westwood branch library. Come in and fill out a survey and we will be sure it is forwarded to the City to incorporate into our data. It’s not too late to make your voice heard!  You can also click here for our Westwood Survey.  After completing it, please drop it off at the library or scan and email it to

WVXU Reports on Westwood’s Community Meeting July 27

WVXU today highlighted Westwood’s consideration of its historic business district in this article: The article focuses on the coalition of neighborhood organizations and businesses and on the intended outcomes of the community meeting. Join us tomorrow!

The Schedule for our July 27 Community Meeting

Here’s the basic itinerary for the community meeting that the Westwood Coalition is hosting on Saturday, July 27, 2013 from 9 am – 12 noon at Westwood United Methodist Church:

First, and importantly, we will have water and coffee.  Feel free to bring a snack if you’ll need sustenance besides our dialogue.

Second, yes, it really is three hours long.  Can’t stay that long?  Come for a while.  We will get the most out of the conversation if you stay for the full session, of course.

There will be a short questionnaire and exhibit materials for you upon your arrival.  We’ll start the program with a welcome and outline for the day with Coalition facilitator Mary Jenkins.  Then we’ll have a short presentation by Cameron Ross of the city’s Planning department, about the research done to date and the context for Westwood’s business district revitalization effort. Next, we’ll break up into small, facilitated groups for focused discussion about aspects of the historic business district and its potential.  We’ll end with some closing remarks about the process and date for the next community meeting.  That’s it.  It’s a lot to ask our neighbors to come to a three hour meeting but we expect it to include meaningful information sharing and dialogue.  We thank you for considering attendance.  Bring a friend!

Q & A

What questions do you have about the historic business district and this process and the potential for revitalization? Your questions will help the coalition prepare for the July 27 meeting and beyond. Post your questions in the Comments field below. We’ll get a Q&A section going on this page in the coming week.
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