“Puppet Theater Brings Change to Westwood”

In an article highlighting fundraising and other developments at Madcap Puppets in Westwood, the author notes that Madcap has raised the majority of the $2M in its capital campaign for the renovation of the former Bell building as its new site, destined to bring 40,000+ people to Westwood’s historic neighborhood business district each year — and why we referred to Madcap as catalyst for revitalization in recent posts.

Madcap works extensively with the Westwood Coalition, a group dedicated to revitalizing the neighborhood, and is active in developing the plans for the revitalization of a new business district and town square.

From CityBeat,Puppet Theater Brings Change to Westwood, April 23, 2014


WVXU Reports on Westwood’s Community Meeting July 27

WVXU today highlighted Westwood’s consideration of its historic business district in this article: http://wvxu.org/post/meeting-saturday-discuss-westwood-business-district. The article focuses on the coalition of neighborhood organizations and businesses and on the intended outcomes of the community meeting. Join us tomorrow!