Town Hall Park: Dog Park Option

The Westwood Coalition would love to gather additional perspectives on one aspect of the current plans for the Westwood Town Hall park grounds. The plans include a small dog park on the side of Town Hall grounds along Montana Avenue, across from Westwood School. Earlier community input showed mixed support so we’d like to check one more time before the Coalition submits its perspective on this issue. Here’s a one question survey. Please let us know over the next few days. The poll expires in one week. Share with your Westwood friends and neighbors.


6 thoughts on “Town Hall Park: Dog Park Option

  1. Still don’t think the dog park is a good idea. Already have one in close proximity

  2. Would the city be responsible for maintaining it, or would it become the responsibility of the Town Hall Garden Club to maintain it? That really seems to put a burden on them.

    • The Coalition was told that the primary responsibility would be with owners of dogs who use the site and then community volunteers or public-private partnerships. We do not anticipate daily site maintenance, as in feces removal, by Parks employees.

  3. When I viewed your plan I did not see much parking. To revitalize the commercial areas won’t parking be needed? Is Madcap still planning to occupy the old phone building and have a theatre there?

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    • There is parking planned on Town Hall grounds similar in quantity to what is there now but off to the side, as well as some additional spots in the immediate vicinity. The Coaliton notes that existing parking lots on Montana at Harrison and Harrison at Urwiler are underutilized now and provide potential as does the reinstatement of metered parking to regulate parking and encourage turnover as opposed to all day parking. Apart from that, we very much hope that the business district will feel the pressure to add more parking before long, in addition to being pedestrian and public transit friendly. There are opportunities for private lots to become parking if owners decide to sell but that’s not an immediate proposal.

    • Yes, Madcap Puppets is full swing on its plans to renovate and move into the Bell building and former library annex on Harrison at Urwiler and Epworth. They’ve partnered with Landmark Productions (of Incline Theater, Covedale Center, and Showboat Majestic) and are developing plans for the space. Of course, we can’t speak for Madcap as to details but it sounds on track for this important development in our arts and entertainment business district. Can’t wait for the shows and fun!

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